Looking for temporary reinforcement ? Op zoek naar tijdelijke versterking?

Interakt offers high-quality solutions in the field of temporary leadership. We offer you maximum flexibility at peak loads and with specific projects on the following disciplines.

Dynamic marketing

Sharp internal- and external analyses, determine goals and make a business plan. Nowadays this is a continuous process. Vision, market strategy, brand positioning, concept development, launching relevant products, multi-channel communications campaigns.

Long term sales

The world changed rapidly last decennium. Short term profit for shareholders, extra bonuses for top managers and customers were called "muppets" in some industries. Interakt Interim Professionals are not focussed on short term success. We believe in stability, steady growth, an honest product, communication with people and investing in long term relationships. If one invest well in a customer, the customer is there forever.

Smooth production

We believe in building teams and challenging individuals to make them sharper. Appeal on trust, confidence, expertise and recognition. We connect different disciplines within the organisation, we improve processes, we analyse what is core business and what can be outsourced.

Ir. Ewald Sijker

Change is a constant factor, let’s have fun !